Optimize efficiency in the negotiation phase and
ensure transparency and absolute impartiality
during the purchasing processes.

Net4market concurs to manage the phase of negotiation through various types of telematic contests and functionalities by:

  • private companies that want to optimize and to personalize the own process of supplying
  • agencies of the Public Administration, than must manage for law processes of contest following communitarian norms to guarantee of regularity and transparency
Below are some of the benefits:

reduces administrative costs and the time required for tenders and contracts by optimizing internal processes

encourages the achievement of the best quality/price ratio, stimulating the comparison between suppliers with the utmost regularity and transparency

Ensures the traceability of events and the transparency of each phase of the foster care process

it supports the suppliers, guiding them with extreme simplicity in the accreditation and in the participation to the various phases of the telematic contests

guarantees the absolute inviolability of the offer through the use of the Telematic Sealed Envelope © procedure.

facilitates the relationship with suppliers by speeding up any type of communication that takes place through PEC

The system manages the different types of procedures: direct awarding, open procedure, restricted procedure, competitive procedure with negotiation (with or without notice), framework agreement and dynamic acquisition system.

The tender operations are supported by important functionalities such as the management of the rotations, the forum for clarifications, the automatisms for the management of complex lots, the draw, the commissioners and their respective technical scores, the calculations of the anomalies of the offers, the adjudications and the deposits, the possible integrations of the offer and the telematic contract.

Not only telematic tenders: the system allows to manage and archive with the same functionalities also all the purchases carried out with the traditional paper methods.

You can try Net4market’s application’s features also just in one tender.

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