Net4market is an online e-procurement platform which allows to manage suppliers telematically and activate online tenders for products or services purchase, reducing costs and procurement time.

Our e-procurement software is flexible and customizable, integrating with other existing tools and satisfying company’s needs.

E-procurement advantages

Net4market’s benefits

Save money

Achieve the best price thanks to high competitiveness between suppliers created by the functionalities of the system. You will no more need to manage paper archives!

Gain time

Simplify internal processes and drastically reduce time for purchasing cycle and supply’s management.

Improved organisational efficiency

Improve your purchasing processes, check all phases and get complete traceability.

Modularity and configuration

Enable just functions that you are most interested in and set them according to your needs.

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive management interface.


Not just the usual cyber security: the use of the Telematic Sealed Envelope procedure guarantees the absolute inviolability of the offer.

No installation required

It is not necessary to install hardware or software, there are no updates to manage: just log into the browser.
For those who want it, the system is available even in house.

Easy integration with other system

To achieve the maximum efficiency, the integration with other management systems is easy.

suppliers management


Manage your suppliers with a telematic register of suppliers, create the vendor rating which can help you evaluate them through different parameters. Read more.



Computerize the purchasing process with online tenders and electronic auctions in order to reduce costs and the time of internal procedures. Manage online contracts with Net4market. Read more.



Manage active and passive invoices in the telematic way: verify the correspondence between the orders and goods delivered. You can manage acceptation and refusal phase. Read more.

purchases planning


Collect needs from operating units and aggregate them in just one purchasing procedure. The purchase planning allows to manage all phases through a graphic representationRead more.

reliance and control


Dematerialize the orders in order to reduce the time of the internal process (reconciliation). For every order you can verify the contract’s executionRead more.

analysis and integrations


Net4market can satisfy the specific needs of the company integrating with other tools. Our software simplifies data management thanks to the reporting instrument. Read more.

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