How to guarantee the inviolability of the offer during telematic tenders?
Net4market chose the Telematic Sealed Envelope.

The possibility to visualize a file offer during an on-line tender means that another supplier could modify and adjust his own offer.

The solution is Telematic Sealed Envelope. It consists on a temporal sequence of operations that guarantees telematic offers’ inviolability and ensures transparency and absolute impartiality.

Digital signature and timestamp are essential requirements. They guarantee the impossibility of modifying the file. In fact any kind of intervention will immediately lead to the timestamp forfeiture. But they do not guarantee not visibility of the content if system logs are held by service operator.

Similarly, an identification code, as hash, can be assigned to the offer file in order to guarantee that the file will not be replaced but it does not guarantee not visibility of the offer.

The only possible solution is temporal subdivision between the sending of the offers or their identification codes and the possibility to read them, in order to guarantee the correspondence between identification codes that have been sent and collected files.

Below are outlined various operating assumptions:

the first two hypothesis are based on a first phase with the sending of files identification code (timestamp serial number or hash) and on a second phase with the upload of offer files:

Assumption 1

Period for the upload of timestamp serial number

Temporal space higher than zero

Period for the upload of offer files

Assumption 2

Period for the upload of hash that identify the file

Temporal space higher than zero

Period for the upload of offer files

Even if a supplier get the chance to see the offer of another competitor on the second phase (or if the provider or the awarding authority inform a supplier), he will not be able to modify his offer or change it with another one because otherwise there will not be correspondence with the identification code uploaded during the first phase.

The following procedure is another variant:

Assumption 3

Period for the upload of the encrypted offer

Temporal space higher than zero

Period for the upload of encrypted key

On that case are firstly uploaded encrypted offers and secondly encrypted keys.

The three assumptions are deposited with SIAE and recorded at Washington Copyright Office, respectively: © TXu 1-600-149 of 01/11/2007 , © TXu 1-822-168 of 15/02/2012 , © TXu 1-705-802 of 25/04/2008.

It is also deposited with SIAE and recorded at Copyright Office di Washington, © TX 6-239-232 of 21/09/2005, the procedure that provides just digital signature and timestamp on the first phase (without the upload of the identification code on the platform).

Any use of these procedures not agreed with Net4market – CSAmed, that has the exclusive use of the above mentioned Copyright, will be considered Copyright infringement both for provider and awarding authority.

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