Create a meeting point with your suppliers,
collect their data in a dynamic and organized way,
and assess their performance.

The Supplier Register is an online digital archive where you can find detailed and updated information about active and potential suppliers.

The purpose of this tool is to have and use the information of accredited suppliers for contracting and procurement phases.

In the public sector, the register of suppliers is the list of operators to be invited to procedures in accordance with Legislative Decree 50/2016.

Main Features

using a web browser, access all of your suppliers’ information, including the product categories for which they have submitted entries, their certifications and related documents

registration in the suppliers’ register is simple: suppliers can register through a guided procedure, divided into stages, according to the type of data required

Manage all data of companies or professionals for supply of goods, services, works or professional activities

Manage communications, invitations and reports (stored by the system) of registered suppliers via PEC

Manage the rotation of invited suppliers

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