E-procurement solution

Net4market is an e-procurement platform through which you can manage a list of suppliers’ telematics, activate procedures or telematic tenders, while also reducing costs and time of supplying.


Our e-procurement software is flexible and customizable in relation to each business reality, integrating with other existing information systems.

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Manage suppliers through an online supplier register, generate the rating of suppliers and request certifications to ensure the requirements ofart.80 of the new procurement code.. Find out more.


Includes all types of electronic tenders, direct awards, negotiated, open and restricted procedures, electronic auctions, SDA, framework agreement, and telematic contracts management.  Find out more.


Manage the active and passive invoices electronically: verify the correspondence with the order and the delivered goods. Net4market is accredited for the electronic invoicing PA. Find out more.


Collect requirements across multiple units and aggregate purchase requests. With purchase planning, manage the phases with a simple and intuitive graphical representation. Find out more.


Manages the digitization of the passive cycle of orders, bills and invoices, reducing the time of internal processes (reconciliation). For each order check the execution of the contract. Find out more.

Analysis and

Net4market adapts to your business reality, integrating with the information systems already present. It exports the data of the tenders for ANAC in compliance with the obligations of Law 190/12. Find out more.

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more than 20 Millions

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